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Give Yourself Some Love

Every Sunday in February we are focusing on some self love and celebrating Self Care Sundays.

The last year (Can you believe we've been doing this for a year?) has thrown new challenges at all of us. As much as we are focused on our physical health, make sure you are showing some love to your mental health as well. Each of our Sunday posts this month we will share some of our favorite products and tips to keep your mind clear so you can tackle the week ahead.

Last Sunday we shared our Selenite Sticks. These are known to neutralize negative energies and ensure a calm and peaceful environment.

Find the spaces in your home or office where you could use a little more positivity and peace. Place the Selenite Sticks around and focus on freeing your mind and body of any bad energy and welcoming loving and clear thoughts for the upcoming week.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for your weekly reminder to reset and restore those zen feelings we all need right now.

We'll help bring balance, relaxation and clarity to set you up for a productive and positive week. As always, let us know if we can help with shopping these products!


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