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Choosing the Perfect Handbag

Handbags...we have tons of them in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. How do we know which one is perfect?

Women with a big closet know coming home with a new handbag might not be the most conscious choice, but it's a choice that makes us happy!

Here are just a few questions to help make a decision on your next, perfect, handbag!

"When will I use it?": Avoid using a purse once and never seeing it again. Ask yourself how much use you'll get out of the purse

"Do I have an outfit to go with it?": Sure, a bright red purse is cute, but do you have an outfit to go with it? Many women have a collection of purses that include "nothing to go with" bags...and for some buying another new outfit just for the purse is out of the question!

"Will it hold my things?": The biggest regret when buying a handbag comes when you go to stick that iPhone 11 Pro Max and it's that close to fitting but just doesn't cut it. There's no greater disappointment than having a bag that's too small. Consider the items that need to go in your purse before making a purchase

"Do I like the strap/handle?": If you're dead set on a crossbody bag make sure you get that crossbody bag! Straps and handles on purses are very important, from the feel in your hand to the comfortability hanging off your shoulder, if the purse is not comfortable it's probably not the one

"Does it make me happy?: YES...Marie Kondo that purse! If it doesn't bring "joy" or won't bring you "joy" three months from now, you're better off to continue your search.

Check out some of our great handbags! With the exception of our weekender tote (made of recycled leather), all of our handbags are made with vegan leather.


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